Catherine Carstairs | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Catherine Carstairs

University of Guelph History Professor Catherine Carstairs



Collaborative Specialization in One Health

About my research...

My research focuses on gender history and the history of health and medicine. I've written on drug history, public health, alternative medicine, health policy and oral health. I'm currently writing a book on oral health and social inequality and my next book will be on the history of divorce.

How my research improves life...

To solve the problems of inequality in our society, we need to understand their roots and origins. My work focuses on how gender, race, and class impact our health and our future.

Why choose grad studies in History at U of G...

We are a small program that cares about student success! In addition to the University of Guelph, you can take full advantage of the resources of the Tri-University program in History and draw on classes and supervisors at Laurier and Waterloo.