Christine Wilkinson | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Christine Wilkinson

Christine Wilkinson

2018 MSc Capacity Development & Extension
Research Area: 
Agricultural Literacy and Education

Being a Graduate Student at Guelph… 

Being a graduate student at Guelph is great. There are so many different committees and clubs that can you get involved with or join. They host so many events and socials, and it seems like you are always meeting new people. The faculty are also great, and they love to share their knowledge with their students. 


2018 Graduate – Capacity Development & Extension, MSc

Why I Chose Guelph… 

Guelph is the only university that offers this program in Canada. I also completed my undergraduate degree here, and I did not want to leave. I loved the community feeling at Guelph, and it is the only place I could do this research. It is the hub of agriculture, and there were so many valuable resources for me to complete my Masters here. 

About My Advisor… 

My advisor was supportive of all my ideas. She was constantly cheering me on, and encouraging me. This relationship is integral to a student’s success, and I was so happy to have that with my advisor. 

About the City of Guelph… 

I love that Guelph is a big city, with a small town feeling to it. There are so many things to do, and after 5 years here, I never got bored! 

My Future Plans… 

When I was in my undergraduate studies, I never imaged myself doing a Masters… After developing a good relationship with my professor, I was encouraged to apply and I did! Similarly, I am now hoping to continue on to a Ph.D in Education, after originally not planning to continue. It is an amazing journey, and I look forward to it!  

About Campus… 

I love the people. It truly feels like a community - everyone is so supportive of each other and there are so many events and opportunities to get involved and meet people with similar interests.