Dave Snow | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Dave Snow

Portrait of professor Dave Snow



About my research…

My research and teaching interests involve the intersection of law, courts, public policy, and medicine. For the last decade, my main research agenda concerned assisted reproduction policy in Canada. I am currently beginning of a longer-term project that seeks to understand how naturopathic medicine is governed in the Canadian provinces.

How my research improves life…

As more Canadians are using complementary and alternative medicine, it is crucial to understand those who practice this form of medicine, how they are governed, and how they fit within our broader system of Canadian health care.

Why choose U of G grad studies…

The University of Guelph is the best place in Canada for students interested in the intersection of law, public policy, and the criminal justice system. We have a group of wonderful faculty members located primarily but not exclusively in the Departments of Political Science and Sociology and Anthropology who study in these fields. The graduate programs in Political Science and Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy (CCJP) provide excellent opportunities for students looking to pursue research.