Dorelle Hinton | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Dorelle Hinton

Dorelle Hinton

2015 MSc Human Health & Nutritional Sciences


2015 Graduate – Human Health & Nutritional Sciences, MSc.

About My Advisor...

My advisor was one of the main reasons I enjoyed completing my Master’s at Guelph so much. She was attentive, provided thorough feedback and was always willing to challenge me to push my research to the next level.

About the City...

The City of Guelph provides an ideal student-community atmosphere. As a student, I appreciated being able to walk or use the bus to access the City of Guelph’s amenities. My top “Guelph” things to do would be going to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings, and the ability to go for a long, beautiful trail run directly from campus or from home.

Other Thoughts...

Life of a graduate student at Guelph is exactly what I was hoping for when I started my program. The work atmosphere was both conductive and friendly, my schedule was self-set, and my advisor appreciated that there is a life outside of the lab.

About Financial Support...

For the first year of my degree, I received funding through my supervisor and the College of Biological Sciences. This funding allowed me to focus completely on my research without the stress of figuring out where I was going to get the funds for tuition, rent, and other life costs. I believe that this funding was an integral part of my success within my first year.