Dref De Moura | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Dref De Moura

Dref De Moura

2015 MSc Biophysics

Whether you want to walk though the Arboretum and commune with nature, grab a quick bite to eat between classes...or see which friends you can find strolling across Johnston Green, there's always something fun do to around campus.


Graduate – 2015 Biophysics, MSc.

Why I Chose Guelph...

Unlike traditional departments, the Biophysics program offered at the University of Guelph through the Biophysics Interdepartmental Group (BIG) is unique in that it is interdisciplinary, borne from the composition of faculty members from the many different departments at the University. I chose to study at the University of Guelph because it would afford me the chance to learn from all of the highly respected and research driven faculty members that make up BIG and gain insight into my research from a multifaceted perspective.

About My Advisor...

I consider myself fortunate to have had Professor Rickey Yada as my faculty advisor. Involved in every aspect of my graduate career, he encouraged me to be creative and fostered free-thinking in my research pursuits. Best of all, he was always willing to take time out of his busy day to listen to new ideas, shared his personal insights or provided guidance to my research endeavors.”