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Eliza Sylvia

Eliza Sylvia

2018 MA Management
Research Area: 
HR: Employment


2018 Graduate – Management, MA

How My Research will Improve Life…

I am hoping that my research will have a huge positive impact on the way employment is regulated and maintained on equine farms.

Why I Chose Guelph…

After completing my undergrad at the University of Guelph, I was not quite ready to leave behind the campus and friends that I had made here. When I discovered the MA Management program at the University of Guelph, I was immediately drawn in by the opportunities it offered. The city itself is beautiful, and the combination of all these factors made it seem like the most logical choice.

About My Advisor…

My advisor, Elliott Currie, was so helpful when it came to understanding the research and writing process as a graduate student. He took time every week to sit down with me and make sure that I was on track with my project, and provided guidance with any challenges I faced. His knowledge exceeded all my expectations, making him an ideal advisor. His fun personality was just icing on the cake!

About the City of Guelph…

Not only is the City of Guelph physically beautiful, but the city is very welcoming and conducive to students. I never had a negative experience, nor did I ever have a problem finding a suitable place to live. I even made friends outside of the university thanks to the many dog parks and recreational facilities around the city. The City of Guelph has the perfect combination: enough attractions like a city, with the quiet and rural environment of the country!

About Being a Graduate Student at Guelph…

Although graduate school is often challenging, I felt very valued and supported in my studies. Each of my professors was very accommodating and took the time to reach out to their students with relevant opportunities. We had so many amenities and resources available to us, it was clear that the University truly wanted to see its students succeed.

My Future Plans…

After graduation, I would like to work in the world of business - either within the government or as a consultant. Guelph provided me with a lot of networking opportunities that will help make that goal a reality. It also allowed me to select the scope of my research to include topics that will help further my career in the future.

Other Thoughts…

I would tell them that graduate studies is like riding your bike up a hill… You know it's going to be a challenge, but you do it anyways. And as you're trudging up that hill, not only do you have people riding right along beside or in front of you, but you know that you've got a plethora of cheerleaders waiting for you at the top. In essence, graduate studies at the University of Guelph will be scary, hard, and stressful… but so much fun and totally worth it.

About the Campus…

The food! There is a reason we were voted the best campus food in Canada repeatedly. However, the hospitality and general positive attitude that everyone maintains on campus is a close second.