Gordana Yovanovich | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Gordana Yovanovich

Dr. Gordana Yavanovich



Latin American and Caribbean Studies MA

About My Research...

My latest article discusses why Magical Realism, mostly associated with Latin American Boom and post colonial literature, is the best mode of seeing developments caused by COVID-19.
Re-imagining Community and Civil Society is the topic of my latest book. Currently I am preparing a special MIC journal issue which will discuss Latin American identity and football.  MIC is a peer-reviewed journal published by the University of Guelph library which focuses on Latin American and Caribbean Memoria, Identité, and Community.

How can my research improve life?

My research argues for a holistic approach to life. Analysis and critical thinking, my main methods of approaching literature and society, lead to knowledge which empowers and fulfills the individual.

Why choose U of Guelph and LACS?

LACS is an interdisciplinary program which encourages students to research outside of a box.  Latin America and the Caribbean have a rich cultural tradition and intriguing political history.  The size of the University of Guelph and its beautiful location allow for creation of meaningful community in which rich cultural diversity is experienced.