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Jesse Popp

University of Guelph Environmental Sciences professor Dr. Jesse Popp in the woods

Graduate Programs

Environmental Sciences

About my research…

Research in the WISE Lab ( weaves Indigenous and Western science to investigate the causes and consequences of wildlife population fluctuations in ecosystems and to Indigenous Peoples ways of life. Research associated with the WISE Lab is highly interdisciplinary, bringing together many fields such as: ecology, environmental science, ethnobiology, wildlife management, and Indigenous environmental justice.

How my research improves life…

Our research strives to promote inclusive science that embraces multiple ways of knowing to contribute to the advancement of environmental and ecological science. Our interdisciplinary and highly collaborative research contributes to conservation, sustainability, and the progression of the natural sciences in the spirit of reconciliation.

Why choose U of G grad studies…

Team members in the WISE Lab gain valuable, highly sought after skills in an environment where exploration and critical thinking are encouraged. Students have the opportunity to acquire a wide variety of experience in areas such as ecological fieldwork, Indigenous research methodologies, and spatial and statistical analyses. Graduate students are enrolled in the University of Guelph’s exceptional M.Sc. program in Environmental Science, in the School of Environmental Sciences, a welcoming place that embraces Indigenous ways of knowing.