Krista Mitchnick | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

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Krista Mitchnick

2018 PhD Psychology & Neuroscience
Research Area: 
Behavioural and Molecular Neuroscience (Specifically: Epigenetic underpinnings of learning and memory


2018 Graduate – Psychology + Collaborative Neuroscience Program, PhD

Why I Chose Guelph… 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at U of G during my undergraduate degree, but it was the faculty that made me decide to continue my graduate studies at Guelph. Every professor I had encountered at U of G wanted to see you succeed; they were always willing to help, to guide, and to push you that little bit further. The Behavioural Neuroscience professors in the Psychology Department created such a positive, collaborative, and productive research environment, that it is no wonder so many U of G students that work with them during their undergraduate degree continues with them during graduate school. 

About My Advisor… 

Working with him was a blast! He was always supportive, but continually pushed me to the next level in my writing, communication skills, managerial/teaching roles, critical thinking, and research. From day one, I always felt like I work with him, not for him. He embraced my (good) ideas, and asked for my opinion. His passion for research made me leave every meeting feeling excited and eager to get back to the lab, or start writing a manuscript. Thanks for everything, BW! 

About the City of Guelph… 

What I love about the City of Guelph is that is has both city and small-town elements to it. It has small shops, big box stores, and restaurants; there are beautiful parks, farmer's markets, and The Boathouse, where you and a friend can rent a canoe for a quiet paddle down Speed River, or eat ice cream while you watch the ducks playing in the water with the sun setting behind the trees. It’s such a tranquil escape, right in the heart of the city! 

Being a Graduate Student at Guelph… 

I am sure this is different for everyone, but this is how I see it: you are now on the “other side”. During your undergraduate degree, you read countless pages in textbooks about facts, theories, and concepts. As a graduate student, now YOU are doing the research, creating the facts, theories and concepts. So, welcome to the other side - it is a great place to be! 

My Future Plans… 

I plan to take up a post-doctoral position and become a faculty member at a Canadian University, running my own program of research. The strong research focus at the University of Guelph, and the outstanding faculty, have given me the academic foundation and communication skills necessary to make these goals a reality. 

Other Thoughts… 

To anyone about to start graduate studies: get involved in something you are interested in, in addition to your thesis work. This could be a club or team, a volunteer position, or even additional research in another lab. Not only will these activities help you to meet like-minded people, they will give you something else to focus when you, inevitably, hit a snag in your research. 

About Campus… 

Two of my favourite things about campus: 

  1. Johnson Green and the big trees that line up along Winegard Walk: that amount of green always puts me in a good mood. 
  2. Our food: you can always eat healthy! 

About Student Services… 

I used the Writing Services during my first year of undergrad. Then, in graduate school, I worked there! 

About Financial Support… 

The Collaborative Neuroscience Program has helped connect us to other groups on campus to facilitate our research and training.