Leanne Chen | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Leanne Chen

U of Guelph Chemistry Professor Leanne Chen



About the research...

We use computational chemistry software to understand electrochemical reaction mechanisms at the atomic-scale. Experimental techniques provides the necessary observations in chemistry, however, sometimes it is simply too difficult to make key measurements because the reaction occurs too quickly, or because reactive intermediates are not present in large enough concentrations to be detected. Thus, simulations can help us "see" these microscopic events such as proton transfers and allow us to gain otherwise inaccessible insight into (electro)chemical reactions.

How my research improves life...

We are interested in using renewable electricity to drive chemical reactions with a unifying theme of combating climate change. Some examples of how we Improve Life include designing batteries for electric vehicles to reduce emissions, converting atmospheric carbon dioxide to fuels to close the carbon cycle, and treating aqueous nitrogenous pollutants to protect aquatic ecosystems.

Why chose grad studies at U of G?

If you like coding, problem-solving, and creating beautiful graphics, you should consider a research project in my group!