Lianne Foti | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Lianne Foti

U of Guelph professor Lianne Foot



Tourism and Hospitality


About the research...

My research centers on questions of how and why consumers make decisions, what influences their perceptions, and how to create social behavioral change. I work to identify new insights that are informed by social science theories about how people behave and interact with marketing, information, and each other. I am formally trained in qualitative analysis and have also published using the experimental design method.

How my research improves life...

My research efforts lead to findings that are effective at supporting needs and improving lives while helping industry and researchers better understand how to communicate. This has led me to several subfields that I have contributed to within consumer behavior, including ethical decision-making, social marketing, and international and online marketing. My research within these subfields has been applied to several domains, such as food, housing, and sports management, and has had both a local and international reach.