Nadia Amoroso | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Nadia Amoroso

U of Guelph professor Nadia Amoroso

Graduate Program

Masters of Landscape Architecture 

Nadia's Research

Nadia’s PhD research was transformed into a book “The Exposed City: Mapping the Urban Invisibles”. The work focuses on mapping visualizations and guidelines that have been used as resources and tools in planning and data visualization courses and in graduate landscape architectural thesis works. Through her teaching and research at the University of Guelph, Nadia is looking at new ways of visualizing urban data to uncover new site conditions and utilize the visualizations as datascapes. Nadia's main research is on effective visual communications in landscape architecture and urban design. This passion has led her to create a book series, titled "Representing Landscapes", each focusing on various topics or themes like contemporary history, climate change and digital media.

How can the research help to "Improve Life

I am interested in methods and modes of visual communication in landscape architecture, digital design, data visualization, and creative mapping. I am interested ways to attract the audience to become engaged with the image, i.e. making data visually compelling or making a client 'feel' as though they are in the designed space, based on the representation of the image. I also run an illustration studio, under my name, focusing on landscape architectural visual communication. 

What is great about the MLA program? 

We work closely with the student to ensure they are the right path to success in the program and after graduation.

Featured Publications

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Amoroso, Nadia. Digital Landscape Architecture Now. Thames Hudson, 2012.

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Representing Landscapes: Visualizing Climate Action. Routledge, 2024.