Naheda Sahtout | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Naheda Sahtout

Naheda Sahtout

2013 MSc.MCB


Molecular & Cellular Biology MSc

Research Area

My research is focused on an osmosensory transporter protein that is found in E. coli.

My Future Plans...

“I wish to pursue a post doctoral degree after I graduate in the hopes that I’ll maximize my knowledge of the scientific world. My dream is to become a university lecturer where I can pass on my knowledge to the younger generations in the field that I love most. Guelph is providing me with the first step that can help me accomplish these aspirations.”

About the Campus...

“I like the fact that you can go out to the Arboretum and walk during lunch. The flowers and the trees provide such a beautiful and serene outlook to the campus. I like how the buildings are not congested into one area but are separated by trees and pathways.”