Tammy Fichman | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Tammy Fichman

Tammy Fichman

2015 MSc Marketing & Consumer Studies

I love the people! Everybody is so friendly here. It was almost like a culture shock.


2015 Graduate – Marketing & Consumer Studies

Why I Chose Guelph

I chose to study at the University of Guelph because I wanted a research-intensive program that would combine my undergraduate psychology and marketing education. The thesis-based MSc here did just that!

About My Advisor

My experience as a student at University of Guelph was an unbelievable learning process thanks to my advisor. His door was always open and I never hesitated to ask questions about things I was unsure about. After all, I was there to learn!

About the City...

I love the people! Everybody is so friendly here. It was almost like a culture shock.

About My Program...

Graduate students have a lot of autonomy, support and encouragement from faculty and admin to pursue our interests. Since it was a small department, it was easy to spend time with professors and develop an in-depth research experience. I enjoyed being a TA and relating to students to help them grow as people. It was nice to be on the “other side”; a lot of big-picture perspectives was gained here.”

Other Thoughts...

I really enjoyed the sense of community in being a student here. Students come together to support each other creating a very happy environment. I loved walking around campus without worry. I knew that if I ever ran into any sort of problem help was just around the corner. It was very easy to approach people because they’re always smiling.”

My Future Plans...

I plan on working in market research while starting up an entrepreneurial project I have in mind. I am really excited for this next stage in my life! I feel very prepared.