WooMi Jo | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

WooMi Jo

Portrait of U of Guelph professor WooMi Jo


Tourism & HospitalityManagement, and Business Administration 

About my research...

My research interests include service business management and marketing by understanding customer and employee behaviours, specifically in hotels and tourism destinations. My past and current topics are in authentic tourism experiences, food tourism, online booking behaviours, technology adoption, value co-creation behaviours, tourist crowding behaviour, hotel staycation, and employees work-life balance. 

How my research can Improve Life

Current days, it is more important how we spend our leisure time. But there are still many unknowns. By searching for some answers to these unknowns from my research, I hope that my research helps the service business organizations to better manage their organizations, thus, more people benefit from their services.

Why chose U of G?

Our graduate programs (MSc.TRMH and PhD Service Management) are one of the most prestigious programs in Canada. Graduates from our programs have gone for various positions such as tourism destination analyst, labour market analyst, university faculty, industry management roles, and more.