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Student Wellness

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Powell Building, home of Student Wellness

Student Wellness consists of 7 units, all of which provide health and well-being support, services and resources to students and the campus community. A brief description of these units with their phone numbers is provided on a postcard for your convenience.  The 7 units are:

  • Accessibility Services
  • Counselling Services
  • Health Services
  • Health and Performance Centre
  • Wellness Education and Promotion Centre
  • Student Support Network
  • Sexual Violence Supports

Accessibility Services

AS helps students who experience disabilities with full and equitable participation in academic life. The Introduction to SAS program introduces students to some of the key resources and services available, and walks them through the process of registering with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) for the first time. Students with a disability who may require accommodation to reach their maximum academic potential are encouraged to make an appointment with an SAS Advisor early in their graduate program to discuss their needs.

Counselling Services

CS provides a range of supports to the entire University community including students, faculty and staff. They provide short-term individual and group counselling and make off-campus referrals for students who require more intensive or long-term counselling. The team in CS is able to prioritize those in crisis to expedite support and counselling.

Health Services

HS provides the health education and clinical care needs of the student community. Their mission is to provide comprehensive health promotion, disease prevention and primary medical care to full-time and part-time students and their families.

Health and Performance Centre

The HPC can help you achieve your desired level of health and performance. They help prevent and treat sports and activity-related injuries for the University of Guelph and the surrounding community. Whether you are recreationally active or an elite competitive athlete, their collaborative team of skilled practitioners will provide specialized care to help you perform at your best. Some of the services provided by the HPC include Athletic Therapists, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition education, Pedorthics, Physiotherapy, and Sports Medicine.

Wellness Education and Promotion Centre

The WEPC provides resources, interactive programming and peer-to-peer education and support. They are a student-driven unit where University of Guelph students access information and support about health and well-being.

Student Support Network

The SSN is a drop-in peer support group consisting of extensively-trained student volunteers who provide confidential, non-judgemental listening and support to other students.

Sexual Violence Supports

SVS offers informed support for trauma survivors, and an opportunity for the community to learn more about policies and procedures related to sexual violence.

Student Health and Dental Plan

All graduate students are automatically enrolled in the Student Health and Dental Plan, although you can opt out of the Dental Plan. It is also possible to add coverage for family members, which includes your spouse and/or dependents. The deadline for students starting in Fall 2021 to submit a request to add family members is September 24.

A full description of the benefits provided by these plans, instructions for submitting claims, and a printable health card are provided on the Plan website. Questions about the health plan can be directed to

International students must also purchase insurance through the University Hospital Insurance Plan (UHIP). It is also possible to add family members to this plan.

Watch the videos below for an introduction to Student Wellness and description of what's available in F2020.

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