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Wellness is recognized as a professional competency that can be developed through a variety of means.  This competency helps students cope with stress and uncertainty, and achieve their academic and professional goals. Wellness and personal effectiveness workshops and events encourage greater self-awareness and teach students effective personal and professional goal setting techniques.


Workshops, events and resources offered on a regular basis are organized by topic. The semester(s) in which on-campus workshops are usually offered is indicated in brackets. To see what is coming up, use the links to the registration page or visit the events calendar. Events that are not offered on a regular basis are also posted so check the calendar regularly to find out what is available.


The University of Guelph Experiential Learning initiative has identified 26 common employability outcomes and organized them into three groups (knowledge, skills, and attitudes). In the Wellness skills domain, you will gain experience with skills such as Decision-Making, Planning and Organizing, Time Management, Adaptability, Curiosity, Initiative, Responsibility, and Self-Awareness.


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The library offers a variety of workshops to support students' academic and professional skill development, including workshops on skills and strategies to cope with the academic stress that comes from a heavy workload and the pressure of exams and project deadlines.

The library has also developed online guides that focus on procrastination, time management and studying.

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Wellness Workshops

The Wellness Education Centre offers workshops that deal with a wide variety of issues relating to university life. These workshops can be presented upon request for residences, student groups, and organizations both on and off campus.

Stress Management and High Performance Clinic

the Stress Management and High Performance Clinic offers the 12 session Relaxation & Stress Management Skills Training program for individuals to learn relaxation and self-regulation skills that improve health and performance. Shorter group programs focusing on specific topics such as test anxiety, better sleep, decreasing headaches and curbing worry are also available.


Wellness Resources

Students can book individual appointments to help them manage procrastination, perfectionism, and stress related to studying and exams. Visit the library's appointment booking page to learn more.

Mental Health Resources

A guide to mental health resources on campus and the surrounding area developed by the Library.


The Department of Student Wellness is comprised of units that provide health and wellbeing support and services to students and to the campus community.

Student Support Network (SSN)

The SSN offers drop-in peer support in the Fall and Winter terms. A team of student volunteers, extensively trained in active listening and communication skills, is ready to provide a supportive ear to any member of the campus community.

Graduate Student Support Circle (GSSC)

The GSSC is a group of U of G graduate student participants and graduate student facilitators who meet weekly to provide social and emotional support for each other. It is part of the Student Support Network and specifically serves graduate students. It operates on a semester basis and usually starts in week 3 or 4 of the semester.  Students interested in joining can email grad.circle@uoguelph.ca to learn more!

Student Accessibility Services

SAS helps students who experience disabilities with full and equitable participation in academic life. We strive towards creating a barrier-free environment where all students can achieve their potential.

Counselling Services

Counselling Services offers support free of charge and has several resources available, including both individual and group counselling to support students as they work through the personal challenges that affect their ability to succeed at school and in other areas of their lives.

Students seeking personal support are encouraged to review the mental health resources webpage to learn more about counselling services or to book an appointment.

Heath Services

The mission of Health Services is to provide comprehensive health promotion, disease prevention and primary medical care to full-time and part-time, undergraduate and graduate students and their families, as well as visitors to the campus.

Health and Performance Centre

The HPC prevents and treats sports and activity-related injuries for the University of Guelph and the surrounding community. Whether you are a recreationally active or an elite competitive athlete, our collaborative team of skilled practitioners will provide specialized care to help you perform at your best.

Wellness Education and Promotion Centre

Wellness Education & Promotion is a student-driven unit where U of Guelph students access information and support about health and well-being.

Sexual Violence Support Centre

This office provides leadership in prevention and intervention programs to support survivors of sexual violence, and to enhance the conditions and likelihood of personal and academic success. This includes ensuring appropriate coordination of care and individual support for students and communicating with appropriate partners, both on and off campus.

Resources for Students in Distress

The unit provides resources on campus that students can access in emergency and non-emergency situations.


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