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DEADLINE: Application deadline for Hack the Farm

Apply to this one-day hackathon and get the chance to work in interdisciplinary student teams with community partners to tackle real problems and come up with solutions.  Visit the registration page  for more information and to register.

Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) Application Deadline

Value: The OGS is valued at $15,000 for one year. A recipient will be awarded $5,000 per semester for up to three semesters.Details: The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program recognizes academic excellence in graduate studies at the master's and doctoral levels in all disciplines of academic study. The program is jointly supported by funds provided by the Ministry of Training, College and Universities ('Ministry') and funds provided by the University of Guelph. The Ministry contributes two-thirds of the value of the award and the university provides one-third.Important: Students must apply for OGS at the institution where they are/or plan to be registered in a master's or doctoral program in 2020-21. The OGS is not transferrable; it must be held at the institution at which it was awarded. More information on the Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS)

Talk like an Academic series (7 weeks)

What is the Talk like an Academic Series? This seven-week program provides academic communication support for graduate-level students with English as an Additional Language (EAL). Participants are given an opportunity to learn and practice English language communication skills and strategies for interacting in typical graduate-student academic and professional scenarios. The scenarios include:                 Summarizing and discussing research in brief interactions with fellow academics                 Interacting with professors and/or advisors

Data Analysis - Intermediate Excel

In this intermediate level MS-Excel workshop, learn how to use a variety of functions and nested formulas to manipulate data; summarize data using pivot tables; and merge data from different worksheets using the VLOOKUP function.  Need a basic refresher? This one-hour introduction to Excel from LinkedIn will adequately prepare you for the session. Please bring a laptop for your own use during the workshop with Microsoft Excel installed.

Advanced Qualtrics Surveys - Creating Data

This workshop will explore the more advanced question types and features of Qualtrics. It is expected that attendees have attended an Intro to Qualtrics, or are already quite competent with the software. Attendees will learn effective use of Survey Flow and advanced features such as piped text, embedded data, quota, scoring, and loop and merge.

Brain Food: Time Management Essentials

In this workshop session, we address the specific time management challenges that graduate students face. Please bring your laptop, if possible. Topics covered will include:                 Graduate When You Want To                                                 Long-term Planning: Learn how to predict your time to completion and use project management tools to help you meet your goals as a graduate student                                School-Life Balance

Makerspace: Take better pictures

Learn some of the basic compositional rules of photography and put them into practice.   See a list of all workshops for W2020 and register for this event at the Makerspace registration page.

Cleaning & Preparing Data - OpenRefine

Good data is like a good turkey dinner: you need to clean and prepare it before you can enjoy it properly.  What? I have to clean and prepare my data?! This workshop will teach you how use the free open source tool, OpenRefine, to get that messy data in order. You will learn how to:                 Import data                 Standardize data                 Filter, split, replace, and extract data                 Manipulate textual data                 Understand the ethics of cleaning data

Makerspace: Create an animated robot

Design an animated robot.   See a list of all workshops for W2020 and register for this event at the Makerspace registration page.

Data Analysis - Intro to Text Analysis (Part 2)

Part two of this workshop series will introduce more complex concepts such as named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and topic modelling.  Participants will explore tools such as NER, and Topic Modelling Tool. Please bring a laptop for your own use during the workshop with Stanford Named Entity Recognizer and Topic Modeling Tool installed.

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