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Mitacs-Career Professionalism

When working with others, we often forget the impressions and impact we have on those around us. We dismiss just how important our personal reputation impacts the way we are perceived and in turn, how others relate to us and ultimately, what opportunities are opened to us.

Advantage Workshops: Intellectual Property Essentials

The Advantage Workshops will give research teams the tools they need to maximize the impact of their research and to produce innovative products and tools. The workshops will expose research teams to new skills that can help them to envision and communicate solutions and to develop fruitful, long term relationships with industry.

Mitacs-Skills of Communication

Skills of Communication is a full-day course featuring the tools and tips of better verbal communication. It will test your assumptions and mental models and for many it may be the first time you learn about the Ladder of Inference, the Johari Window and more.  The goal is to make you more aware of the tools available to help you become a better communicator in both your work and personal lives.

Control Academic Stress: Coping with Exam Stress

Feeling anxious about tests and exams? In this session, we will discuss strategies to help you cope with exam anxiety while preparing for exams.  Participants in all four workshops in the Control Academic Stress series will receive a letter of recognition for their participation.

The Beginner's Guide to Animated Videos

Animated videos are a great way to engage your audience, share information and make information more "digestible." This session will provide instruction on a free animation software called Powtoon that is quick and easy to use. Learn tips and tools to plan and storyboard your video, write your script and make your video accessible. After this workshop, you'll be able to:                 List tips and tools for planning and storyboarding your video                 Recognize how to write a script using best practices

Playing With Pressbooks Publishing Software (Intermediate)

Do you have course notes, a textbook, or other educational materials that you want to publish online? Are you unsure of where to start or which tool to use? Come to this hands-on workshop to learn how to get the most out of Pressbooks, an easy and straightforward self-publishing software that can be used to create digital books, white papers, toolkits, and other educational and online resources.

Seminar Series: Indigenization & TA Training (NETW)

The Seminar Series will be an on-going event taking place each winter semester. Seminars will be on topics related to teaching and learning in higher education and will be delivered by experts in the field. This will be an opportunity to learn about different topics in education and to make connects with educators from various departments and organizations at the University of Guelph. (This networking event counts towards the University Teaching Foundations program under the category of GTC Networking Event (NETW).)   

Graduate Career Workshop: Interviewing Skills

You've landed an interview for an amazing job, now what?  Attend this interactive workshop to learn the latest rules and etiquette for interviewing. You'll leave this workshop feeling more confident in the kinds of questions employers will ask and how to translate your experience in ways that will impress interview panels. 

Lesson Planning

Have you ever attended a seminar, tutorial or lab and didn't feel prepared on what to teach your students that day? Well then, this workshop is perfect for you to learn the essential skills needed to deliver an organized and effective lesson to your students. Come learn how to create a lesson plan based on the BOPPPS lesson planning model and how to align learning outcomes with assessments and classroom activities. (This workshop is required to complete the University Teaching Foundations program.)   

Pronunciation Group: Sentences

This series provides an opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars, faculty, and staff with English as an additional language (EAL) to practice their English pronunciation. There is no prerequisite for participation. Participants will meet weekly for a 2-hour session to progress through sentence-level pronunciation activities in the textbook Clear Speech by Judy Gilbert. Topics include sentence stress, sentence focus, emphasis of content words, de-emphasis of structure words, and thought groups.

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