Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Meet our Students

Jessica Wood

Jessica Wood

Why I Chose Guelph...

I chose to study at the University of Guelph because the program had everything that I was looking for in a PhD program. It allowed me to follow my research interests and to gain applied skills and community research experience. 

Portrait of graduate student Madison Wright

Madison Wright

Advice for Prospective Grad Students...

Try to get involved in activities outside of your research to create balance in your life and choose a research project/topic that you are really interested in!

Tourism and Hospitality MSc at the University of Guelph graduate student Xiaoyan Yang

Xiaoyan Yang

Words of advice for someone considering graduate school.

Do not hesitate to ask questions in all aspects of overseas study. Your peers, professors, graduate coordinators, and everyone you meet here would love to help.

Portrait of U of G MSc Management student, Tyler Tap Young

Tyler Yap Young

Words of wisdom for a prospective grad student...

Do not be afraid to engage with your professors and fellow students. Professors want to help you succeed so do not be afraid to reach out to them. The people who best know what you are going through are you fellow students. Ask how they are doing, ask if they have any tips for the upcoming assignment. Doing this will help make you a part of the LANG community.

MSc Tourism and Hospitality at the University of Guelph graduate student Zhehao Zhao

Zhehao Zhao

Advice for Prospective Grad Students...

Smart or slow, doesn't really matter in the end, the point is everyone has their own time zone, all you have to have is your own balance of work, play, and all other stuff, the others don't really matter.