Alex Robinson | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Alex Robinson

Alex Robinson

2015 MSc.ENVS


Graduate, MSc. Environmental Sciences


Continuing at Guelph...

“My parents attended Guelph so the University of Guelph has always appealed to me. After falling in love with the campus during my undergrad, I knew I wanted to pursue my graduate studies at Guelph as well.”

About My Advisor...

“My advisor and I have a great relationship, which stems from very similar interests in research. He addresses any concerns I may have and we get along quite well.”

About the Campus...

“I love the feeling of the campus. Other universities are interspersed throughout a city. At Guelph you walk onto campus and it is a little city in itself, which creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.”

About the City...

“I love Guelph for the downtown area especially the farmer’s market, the pubs, and all of the great outlets for outdoor activities. There’s a strong culture in Guelph that creates a strong community feel to the city.”

My Future Plans...

“I hope to shape my career where I can link environmental conservation to agriculture. Making a difference is my passion and the University of Guelph has been such a great foundation. ”