Amal Roy | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Amal Roy

Amal Roy

2014 PhD.LRS

About the City...

“Since I immigrated to Canada from Bangladesh in 2001 I have been living in Guelph. I cannot think of a city better than Guelph. People here are very friendly and dedicated to making their city a better place Guelph has a nice blend of rural and urban atmosphere; it's not too big or too small.”

About My Advisor...

“My professor  Dr.  Claudia Wagner-Riddle is one of the best researchers and teachers in the field of  Agro-meteorology . Her lab is well equipped with an excellent team doing worth-while research in earth-atmospheric sciences. Her teaching capability is excellent, and as a  supervisor,  she is very caring, meticulous and cooperative with her  grad-students . She is very cordial in making herself available whenever I need advice. I feel extremely fortunate and feel I made the right choice to pursue my grad studies under her supervision at the University of Guelph.”

My Future Plans...

“I did my Master's in the Department of Plant Agriculture and soon be finishing my PhD from the School of Environmental Sciences, from the University of Guelph. Now, I can say confidently that I'm fully capable of applying my academic and work experiences in agriculture and environmental science, along with my passion for agriculture to help improve Canadian Agri-Industry. I am committed to continuous improvement in my knowledge of agriculture and its environmental impacts to ensure that Canadian farmers have sustainable, yet profitable, farming practices. Upon graduation I wish to work for the Agriculture and Agri-food Canada.”