Edward Koning | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Edward Koning

Portrait of Dr. Edward Koning


My main interest is in the politics of immigration in Western democracies. My two key areas of research are the policies that different countries have adopted to manage the integration of immigrants, and populist anti-immigrant parties.


How my research Improves Life…

My research investigates the challenges and opportunities of immigration societies. By looking both at policies that make immigrants' integration in their host societies more seamless and at the objections that can arise from the native-born population, this research has the potential to 'improve life' in a time when cross-border mobility is at records high.

What is great about grad studies in Political Science at U of G…

The grad programs in the department of political science offer a unique set of courses building on our department's strengths in identity politics, rights and justice, and citizenship issues. The comparatively small size of our programs make sure that graduate students receive more personal attention from course instructors and supervisors than at other universities.