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Taelor Reid

U of Guelph Political Science MSc student Taelor Reid

While it's true that you should work hard to reach your goal, burnout is real. Allow yourself to take breaks when needed; take a nap, play video games, and laugh at some memes. Life will feel less annoying.


MA Political Science with International Development Studies

Why I Chose Guelph… 

I earned my Bachelor's degree in International Development in June 2022; my undergrad experience at the University of Guelph greatly influenced my decision to continue my graduate studies here. The faculty here is supportive and look out for their students. They foster a great learning environment where you are encouraged to share your ideas and think beyond what you already know which has allowed me to grow in a lot of different ways here.

About my path… 

I would say that using the school's resources continues to be a massive factor in my path. In the fourth year of my degree, I participated in the CORE mentorship program for black and racialized students. My mentor was a great support for me in getting ready for grad school.

About the work I am doing here at Guelph… 

I've always been interested in human rights, and coming from an immigrant family, the politics of migration are particularly important to me, but this is such a broad focus. My research focus has changed a lot since I received my offer of admission. Still, after listening to some guest speakers on campus and a bit (a lot) of reading, I realized that I found Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program to be exciting. I'm focused on the role of employers, provincial governments, and the federal government in determining the rights and protections for Temporary Foreign Workers, and I'm very excited to see where my research goes.

How can my research Improve Life?

My greatest hope is that my research will help inform policies that adequately protect migrant workers in Canada.

About my advisor... 

In my MA, my advisor has been an amazing guide in navigating my research and transitioning from undergraduate studies to graduate studies. He always makes himself available and helps put out the small fires I create for myself :)

What do you plan to do after graduation? How has UofG helped you reach that goal?

At first, I debated between going into the workforce or continuing my education after graduation, but I've realized I love research and learning, so I wanted to pursue my PhD.

Tell us something about you, beyond being a grad student.


Outside of my studies, I play soccer recreationally. I also enjoy photography and chilling with my cat and dog.