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Formal International Exchange

The following policies will be in effect for any graduate student participating in a formal Student Exchange Program sanctioned by the Centre for International Programs (CIP).

  1. A student must be nominated and formally approved for the exchange by the Exchange Coordinators at the home and host institutions. Copies of the nomination and approval must be filed in Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies. 
  2. The student must complete the Exchange Program Course Selection form, which is available in CIP
    • If the student is planning to take any courses at the host institution, those courses must be listed on the form, along with the generic equivalent, graduation substitution (if applicable), and credit weight, and approved by the Department Chair or Graduate Coordinator.
    • If the student will be conducting research only, that must be indicated on the form.
    • The form must be signed by the Graduate Coordinator (for program counsellor).
    • The form must be signed by the Study Abroad Manager in the CIP.
  3. Generic course equivalents will be registered on the student’s record for the courses being taken at the host institution in the appropriate semester, as follows:
    • A course deemed to be the equivalent of a 600-level graduate course, for example, in History, will be recorded as HIST*9601, with a title of “History (600 level)”. If the student is taking a second course equivalent to a 600-level graduate course in History, that will be recorded as HIST*9602, with a title of “History (600 level)”.
    • If the course is an exact equivalent to a 600-level graduate course and is being taught by a University of Guelph faculty member, then the student will be registered in that course, with a section designation of “EX”.Grades, based on an official transcript from the host institution, will be added to the student’s record. The transcripts will be submitted directly to the Centre for International Programs or the Exchange Coordinator who will formally submit the transcript to OGPS.
    • Grades will be evaluated and interpreted by the Exchange Coordinator and submitted to the OGPS for entry on the student’s record. Actual grades or the closest equivalency in University of Guelph terms will be used.
    • These courses will appear on the student’s official transcript record, along with a notation that they were on a formal exchange (the exchange will be specifically named.)
  4. The student will maintain registration at University of Guelph. If the student is not taking any courses at the host institution, but is doing research, s/he must register for either UNIV*7500 Thesis Research/Writing -or- the specific research project course associated with the program.
  5. Tuition and student fees will be payable at University of Guelph. The student may apply for Full-time Distant Fee Status during the period of the exchange to avoid paying some of the student fees.
  6. Only exchanges handled through the Centre for International Programs will be recognized by Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies. 

Guelph Graduate Students submit the following to the OGPS: