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International Study Option

Graduate students must become aware of international knowledge and activities in their area of expertise. Usually, such awareness is acquired through learning resources available at the University of Guelph, but it may be enormously enriched through first-hand experience during periods of study abroad. The International Study Option is designed to promote and recognize such periods of scholarly work outside Canada. Students remain registered at the University of Guelph while undertaking the International Study Option.

There are many opportunities for University of Guelph graduate student study programs. We wish to encourage linkages between faculty members at Guelph and their counterparts in other countries. Such arrangements, based on the particular needs of specific projects, must be flexible and responsive to our rapidly changing academic climate. They will help greatly to facilitate study abroad for our graduate students.


The International Study Option is open to all registered graduate students. It must include a formalized study visit to another country. The study visit must be an integral part of the student's graduate program. It is applicable to a wide range of scholarly activities. Students apply for the International Study Option as they plan to undertake a minimum of six weeks and a maximum of one year of scholarly study abroad as approved by the student's advisory committee on behalf of the Department/School. The study visit may commence at any time without respect to semester or year. Students remain registered at the University of Guelph while undertaking the International Study Option. The international study normally takes place at an educational or research institution and may include advanced training workshops, formal advanced courses including seminar series, acquisition of specific techniques including language skills, archival studies and research. The study may take place in one or more countries outside Canada. The Calendar regulations for this option and the application form are appended.


There are currently two graduate program options at Guelph for which study abroad is compulsory or highly recommended: the International Option in the MSc (Planning) in Rural Planning and Development, and the International Development Studies MA Collaborative Program. Students undertaking these options are eligible for inclusion in the International Study Option. Students enrolled in project courses designed for undertaking fieldwork abroad are also eligible for the International Study Option.

Several past international study visits have resulted from established ties between a student's research advisor and a colleague in another country. Some students have taken study visits abroad because archival material or sophisticated equipment, essential to their research, is only to be found in another country. Such arrangements have been effective because they are made on a specific research project basis. Students involved in such study visits are eligible for inclusion in the International Study Option provided their study abroad requires at least six weeks in the host country.
Information on funding opportunities available for supporting travel and subsistence for graduate study abroad is assembled by the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies in collaboration with the Centre for International Programs, other University units and external agencies. Such information is available to all graduate students and advisors. Personnel in the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies can provide information and advice to students and faculty on funding opportunities and prospective locations. As economic conditions permit, the University may provide a fund for competitive grants to finance travel and/or research costs for the study visit abroad of graduate students. Whenever possible, the University will negotiate domestic rates for fees and accommodation for Guelph graduate students on a study visit to an institution abroad; such subsistence costs normally are the student's responsibility.

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