Current and Past Projects | Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Current and Past Projects

Initiative   Details Date Implemented Documentation
Admissions Project P1

Digital Referee Assessment

Document Upload

Fall 2013



Admissions Project P2

Implementation of ImageNow

Administrative Workflow (in ImageNow)

Fall 2013

Log into Admissions System

End-User Guide


Admissions Project P3

Digital Offer of Admission

Spring 2014  
Enrollment Dashboard

Dashboard containing operational data from ImageNow. Report to be shared with appropriate stakeholders.

Fall 2015

Website Website AODA Remediation and Re-design

Fall 2015

Services and Support Provision of services and support for postdoctoral scholars

Summer 2018

eForms and Workflows Implement a digital workflow and eForms solution (GryphForms)

In Progress:

Department Testing of Progress Report & Other Forms

(Summer 2018-Summer 2019)