Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Spotlight on Faculty

Headshot of Robin Milhausen

Robin Milhausen

Robin Milhausen studies human sexuality and couple relationships using quantitative and qualitative research methods. Her program of research includes...


Portrait of Mavis Morton

Mavis Morton

Our program offers an opportunity to work with diverse faculty, develop and apply theory and qualitative, quantitative & mixed research skills and communicate in clear and accessible written, oral and visual forms with and for multiple audiences to affect positive social change.


Portrait of Dr. Medhat Moussa

Medhat Moussa

My research is focused on developing intelligent robotics systems including Robotic grasping, human-robot interaction, machine vision, machine learning, and embedded computing systems.


Portrait of professor Joshua Nasielski

Joshua Nasielski

How can Ontario farmers make more money, be more environmentally sustainable, and be more resilient to climate extremes?​

Eric Nost, University of Guelph Professor of Geography

Eric Nost

I research how data and digital technologies inform environmental governance.​

Portrait of Dr. Charlie Obimbo

Charlie Obimbo

My main areas of research include computer systems security and intrusion detection and prevention systems. In the latter part, I aim to create an intrusion detection and prevention system which are able to detect and protect network intrusions effectively and in  reasonable



Portrait of Michele Oliver

Michele Oliver

My research improves life by assessing workplace tasks and devices for end user injury potential. Once the risk is understood, new methods and devices are designed to minimize the potential of developing injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.


Professor Cecelia Paine

Professor Cecelia Paine

Professor Paine has conducted research on heritage cemeteries and the design of early mental asylums in Ontario and the United States. Most recently she was principal investigator on a study documenting the works of Stanley Thompson, Canadas foremost Golden Age golf course architect.