Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Spotlight on Faculty

Headshot of Nigel Raine

Nigel Raine

Graduate students joining my team at Guelph get unrivalled opportunities to work in the lab and field answering research questions at the cutting edge of science with direct environmental and societal relevance. This important research is exciting, challenging and rewarding for the student, for me as the supervisor and for everyone else in the team.


Headshot of Janis Randall Simpson

Janis Randall Simpson

My research interests include assessment of nutritional status in children. A major research project has been the development of NutriSTEP, a nutrition risk screening questionnaire for preschoolers.


Portrait of Dr. Robin Roth

Robin Roth

I have an interest in conservation induced livelihood change, forest governance, conservation partnerships and Indigenous-led conservation governance. My work seeks to improve the social and ecological outcomes of conservation governance.


Headshot of Joe Sawada

Joe Sawada

Combinatorial algorithms, networks and graph theory, Gray codes, complexity and data structures. 


Portrait of Dr. Marcel Schlaf

Marcel Schlaf

The ultimate goal of our research is to develop technology that helps to enable a shift of our carbon resource from fossil non-renewables (crude oil, natural gas and coal) to renewable biomass in form of agricultural and forestry byproducts such as corn stover, straws, wood chips and bark, etc.


Portrait of Stacey D. Scott

Stacey Scott

I am passionate about designing computing technologies that support small groups of people working and socializing in face-to-face environments.