Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies

Spotlight on Faculty

Portrait of Dr. Mervyn Horgan

Mervyn Horgan

My research examines conflicts around public space to learn how we can live together more equitably.


Headshot of Aziz Houmam

Aziz Houmam

My research interests lie in the areas of electron transfer initiated reactions, surface and interfacial chemistry, and synthesis and applications of metal sulfide materials.


Portrait of Lee-Anne Huber

Lee-Anne Huber

My research attempts to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of pork production in Ontario and Canada, to support a vibrant and diverse industry that employees many people, which ultimately provides high-quality, safe, and affordable pork for us to eat.


Headshot of Margot Irvine

Margot Irvine

My focus has been on writing by women, travel writing and literary collaborations. My current research deals with the relationship between women and the literary institution during the Belle Epoque.


Headshot of Mark J. Fenske

Mark J. Fenske

My lab combines measures of human behaviour with brain imaging techniques, such as functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), to examine the cognitive and neural mechanisms of visual recognition and affective response, and how...


Portrait of Dr. Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson

My research lies in the field of global environmental governance, focusing primarily on the role of cities and transnational city-networks in reducing the world's global carbon footprint.

Portrait of David Josephy

David Josephy

My research program focuses on molecular and genetic toxicology. We identify toxic and mutagenic chemicals (whether naturally occurring or synthetic) and study their mechanisms of action. We also study the human enzymes that metabolize xenobiotics (foreign chemicals).


Professor Douglas Joy

Professor Douglas Joy

My research focuses on the use and performance of on-site wastewater systems in the environment. With over 1 million systems in Ontario alone, knowing how they perform, how to improve their design and how to manage them properly is critical for us to properly protect human health and the environment.